The Retirement Myth

The government and the financial service industry promote retirement planning as a serious financial concern for all Americans.  However, the greatest issue facing seniors today is the false ideology which states you must retire.  For three years, I spent an incredible amount of time researching retirement planning and the resources available to allow average Americans to become financially independent.  My goal was to highlight the facts while rejecting the rhetoric championed by our government and the financial service industry.  I believe the financial service industry and government program supporters mislead people into a false sense of panic when it comes to their financial well-being.     

The term “retirement” was foreign before the twentieth century.  It became a popular slogan after the Social Security Act of 1935.  Today, the term “retirement” is a popularly accepted norm in our society.  To combat the current norm, I joined with an organization of prosperity advisors.  A prosperity advisor's mission is to erase the previous myth of retirement in favor of educating people on true financial wellness.  By the way, I take offense to the notion that all people need to retire.  Actually, some seniors may wish to continue employment, full or part-time, or elect to work for a philanthropic cause.  Should we believe all senior adults are useless to society because they have reached some random age?  Citizens in our society are not incompetent based solely on their age. 

As a prosperity financial advisor, I work to alter the misleading financial norms permeating our society, replacing them with an alternative to retirement giving Americans a choice of how to live their lives as they mature.  We cannot continue to espouse the same retirement advice and expect society to conform to a false and misleading doctrine.  As a prosperity advisor, I commit myself to a higher calling.  I will represent my client’s best interest and goals.  We can begin a positive societal change to the current method of financial service standard saturating our society disguised as retirement planning. 


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