Prosperity Economics

 "Building a Lifestyle, Not a Retirement"

Our simple approach to financial literacy: The Intelligent Investor Program

Like any well-planned construction project, our first goal is to lay the foundation of our plan.  Our financial foundation will cover the 4 pillars of financial security (Debt Management, Money Management, Risk Management, and Estate Management) 

Our next goal is to build a lifestyle by portfolio building within the 4 major asset classes. (Debt Instruments, Tangible Assets--like Real Estate and Commodities, Business Ownership--including stocks, and Cash Equivalents) 

Once we firmly establish our presence financially we can begin the fourth goal of wealth building.  

The last goal is to plan our legacy through estate planning in order to pass along our wealth and assets to our loved ones.


We have developed a step by step blueprint for you to follow.  Our approach is garnered from a collaboration with other financial professionals who have shaped the non-typical financial service industry


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